Discover the power of small wins

1:1 Accelerator

90-Minute Coaching Intensive Strategy Session

The Shakira “Try Everything” business and launch method is exhausting, right? Especially as a solo or new boss. No matter how many newsletters you sign-up for and lead magnets they all swear will change your life that you fill out, you’re still stuck: right at square one.

step one: the pre-call

Identify, underline, & highlight your biggest roadblocks in your business and jot down your progress in a brief pre-call questionnaire

In-depth audit of your existing platform (your website, portfolio, & IG) with detailed notes on how to best leverage these platforms and how to grow or market your business and services

Material & resource handoff — If I feel I need more information from you, I’ll get in touch requesting specific materials (where applicable) from you

step two: the call

You will leave feeling inspired & refreshed with a sustainable, concrete startup, launch, or scaling strategy tailor-made for YOUR business.

You will identify any blindspots in your business! Your ship may be sinking, but it’s not too late to plug up those holes when you’re THIS close to the shore.

You will create a personalized 60-day action-oriented roadmap & business blueprint breaking down your desired results & goals into manageable next steps.

You will rewire your focus and breakthrough any overwhelm by targeting the most important small, short-term wins you’ll need to motivate you and propel your business success.

You will have FREE access to 1-2 simplified coaching workbooks and resources relevant to your biggest struggle from my signature coaching programs.

You will feel better aligned, connected, & confident with your brand! You’ll gain the ideal client clarity you need to target new leads, attract buyers from your followers, & convert them into new clients.

step three: the post-call

You’re no yo-yo! Once the call ends, no more snapping backward and or tangling strings. Receive a recording of our Zoom call and keep it in a safe place, so you can refer back to it later as you need it.

Receive 14 days of email or Slack support. Ask me questions, vent your frustrations, & celebrate your progress! I’m here for YOU.

Personal 1:1 Strategy Support

Turn your dream virtual assistant business idea into a reality…

Are you trapped in your very own Rambo-style startup montage without a clue how to crawl your way out? Stop letting the abyss that is Google’s search engine drive you further and further down search rabbit holes that distract you from the only thing you really need: an action plan, a strategy to help you launch faster & smarter than you can on your own. 


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