you are the captain of
your own ship

…and you’ve got some holes that need to be plugged up so you don’t sink! Nasty nuisances those tech gremlins and task goblins are, right? It sounds like you could use a First Mate.

Well around here, I’m a professional critter slayer, and I support drowning creative bosses & teach bootstrappers how to slay these pesky creatures wreaking havoc on our calendars, lives, & minds (oh, my).

you have a great story…

Let’s sell it! If your content isn’t attracting, connecting, & selling your services like it’s on autopilot, you’re doing it wrong.

I believe in copywriting with conversion and storyselling at the heart. Together, we’ll transform that dull, lifeless content into the pulse of your business & brand to the soundtrack of my pen scratching against the crisp, clean page ready to showcase your unique story.

Like we’re flying together on a magic carpet with the glittering stars as our backdrop, I can show you the powerful world and magic of words. Whether you need a content manager or a conversion copywriter, your brand is about to get that Clueless-worthy makeover you’ve been dreaming of.

DFY Copy & Content


Can include:

  • Content creation & repurposing
  • Content management
  • Course materials, sales pages, & ads
  • Lead magnets
  • Email campaigns & marketing
  • (Light) Website copy refresh
  • Blog writing & (light) research



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Content Consulting



  • Brand messaging guide
  • General content calendar
  • Clear content strategy
  • Strong brand messaging
  • Signature email marketing strategies
  • Conversion-worthy website copy
  • Future content planning strategies



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an adventure awaits you…

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