Business Model Information

All free video training (webinars, courses, or mastermind training), unless otherwise specified, offered by Aubrey McShan off of YouTube is for creative bosses, entrepreneurs, or prospective owners of service-based businesses (collectively “bosses”). This training is based on Aubrey’s experience and results in launching a service-based business and website design & WordPress knowledge.

This free video training is available to watch after email signup and is 100% free. Bosses can immediately apply these free actionable insights to improve, streamline, or reshape their processes, workflows, strategies, or plans for their businesses.

In most of this training at the end, Aubrey McShan presents the opportunity for bosses to enroll in her programs, including:

  • 90-minute intensives
  • Mentorship/coaching programs
  • Courses
  • Digital products
  • Services

Investment for these offerings is always easily accessible on their sales or landing pages, in the training/presentations, or via the webinar watch page. Regardless if bosses leverage the programs or offerings made available to them, the training is accessible to watch in exchange for their email signup and provides exceptional value and content.

Income Disclaimer

Boss Saga (and all respective websites) contains business & personal development strategies, systems, and advice for bosses. While the foundation of this information is based on real results & experience, Aubrey McShan & Boss Saga neither implies nor expresses any guarantee of results. A number of factors (both in and/or out of bosses’ control) can skew or burden individual results. When investing in any programs online and new business approaches, always use discretion and ensure you understand any and all foreseeable and potential financial risks involved. Bosses are responsible for any business expenses they incur based on their own decisions.

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