choose your own adventure!

choose your own adventure!

can you afford to say no?


Admit it.

You’ve said “no” to family, friends, and fun more than you care to admit. And it’s because of your business, projects, or side hustles, right? How could you possibly go to that ballet recital or weekend barbecue when a Himalayas’ worth of digital paperwork bogs down the memory on your overworked computer?

No shame, here!

I’m a results-driven kind of gal. I show up for you to streamline your biz, tasks, & projects, so you can *finally* kick back for once. I pack a ton of punches (made up of loads of experience and dedication to detail) in my services & offerings.

I’m a Bachelor’s degree-wielding, meticulous, and savvy professional writer/editor and designer from Houston ready to serve you when you need me.

I aim to strip that pesky word “no” right from your vocabulary! This ain’t a recycle bin situation where you can just right click and restore. When you work with me, you get my mix of corporate and creative expertise.

When you say “yes” to hiring me for your biz, project, or hustle, you say “yes” to taking your life back from the small task goblins stealing your time and sanity. I’ll help you out of the labyrinth and organize the mess (minus the 80s David Bowie, I’m afraid).

Rapid-fire Tidbits

→ I’m obsessed with late 80s to late 90s movies and music. I may squeal a bit too much when certain Backstreet Boys songs play.

→ I moonlight as a new adult romance author, hustling to make my high school self’s dreams come true. I hoard more than 3 years solopreneur/author & biz social media experience thanks to this passion project!

→ I married my best friend from college. We nerd out hard over Parks & Rec and have three precocious cats to keep us on our toes.

→ For about 5 years, I edited & wrote proposals worth up to (*cue Dr Evil’s signature pinky to the corner of my mouth*) $1 billion dollars in the oil & gas/energy industry.

→ If I could live a functional life on Dr. Pepper and banana pudding alone, I would.

→ I devour learning (true confessions of a course addict). Part of my love of learning and serving came from my roots of several part-time retail gigs in my nearly 15 years customer service experience.

My story


For years I buried my face in textbooks, wasted my life away in dead-end jobs that couldn’t even put a dent into rent, and excelled at being a professional phantom chaser, always hungry for other people’s lives and distracting myself from the brutal reality.

I. Was. Miserable.

Life wouldn’t let me wake up until it came calling in the most heartbreaking, empowering way.

In the words of Sophia Petrillo:

I couldn’t possibly do it justice, but let’s give it a shot!

Picture it! Houston, 2012.

My brother is in the hospital for a nasty case of pneumonia, and I’ve over extended my stay for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Remember the dead-end job I mentioned? Well, the ruthless retail world demanded I come back to make my Black Friday shift.

Or else.

I’m tossing the last suitcase in my car, spending every second dreading the two-hour drive back home to San Antonio, back to a life I hated.

Until my pocket buzzed. One single phone call altered the course of my entire life.

My brother was dying.

I’ll never forget the very first coherent thought that drowned out the noise of the world around me. My mind whisked me away from the present, throwing me back into memory after memory of playing various games with my older brother when we were kids.

My heart broke when I realized I hadn’t shared an honest, carefree laugh with him in years. Sure, we weren’t kids anymore, but the thought of losing one of the most important people I’ll ever know shattered the thick glass bubble blocking out everything that actually mattered.

Family and friends. Mental health. Smiles. Random acts of kindness.

I’d all but ignored those for years. This experience forced me to face so many frightening, cliche truths about life. But most importantly, my brother survived two rounds of his heart stopping. For a few seconds in this world, my heart beat alone.

Don’t let this dreary tale drag you down! I’m a results and a happily-ever-after kind of gal. I later landed my dream job in a dynamic, ever-evolving field (oil & gas/energy resources) and learned a lot from industry experts! After 5 years in my corporate job, I’ve channeled my inner Chip & Joanna Gaines and reno-ed my career down to the studs. Like dear Joanna, I struck gold in the form of shiplap…of sorts! 

I’m a virtual assistant! 

I’m a taskmaster equipped with loads of diverse experience! I’m talking customer service, professional & creative writing (and editing/proofreading), sales, web & graphic design, marketing, desktop publishing, administrative…

The list goes on, and my resume shows the results and speaks to my broad range of skills that can scale with your support, project, and task needs!

As a small biz owner myself, I get all the struggles we’re constantly bogged down by. Not only is it sometimes hard to ask for help, but our business is our baby. How do we know the people we hire will treat and respect it like we do?

The answer is simple (the way I like it): we find people who share our passions armed with the experience needed to accomplish your business or project goals!

And I know I’m your girl!

Today, I live by one philosophy:

Passion is the fire that keeps life boiling.

Sure the steam is hot, but you have me to help fill the pot with water every now and then! 

Stop giving yourself permission to simmer. If you sit for too long, those shrieking fire alarms are bound to go off eventually. The smoke alone hazards a real suffocation warning.


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